It all begins with LLDS.

DRAFTING HOME CONCEPTS INTO REALITY, as our slogan says for designing your perfect home floor plans.​


A Full Service Blueprint and Floor Plan Drafting Company 

Serving Eau Claire and Northwest Wisconsin



Bring your ideas, plans, and designs for your new home to LL Drafting Services to make sure your design is on budget, on time, and done right. Here is what you get when you hire LL Drafting Services:


  • House plans completed in days instead of weeks and months. Break ground on your new home sooner and get ideas from our inspiration gallery.


  • Peace of mind knowing blueprints and floor plans are designed specifically for the Wisconsin region.


  • Confidence that blueprints you receive from LLDS are done correctly making your general contractors job easier with our 40+ years experience in home building.

Whether the house you are building is your first house or the home of your dreams, we draw house plans for any price point. Getting started today is as easy as 1, 2, 3 by going through our simplified three step process for homeowners and builders.

When designing and building a new home, LLDS is where It all begins!

Our house floor plans are available and can be custom drawn by our professional draftsmen.


LLDS takes you by the hand to walk you through the design/build process. The "Drafting Home Concepts Into Reality" mission is to clearly establish a starting point by figuring your cost per square foot pricing establishing a personalized building budget. See our starter's Guide To Building Your Home! To see LLDS project samples, click on any of our "Featured Homes" to see samples of our work with full interactive home features details...


Begin the process today of building your next new home by choosing your favorite house plan from a wide variety of home styles in our online floor plan page. 


See featured home plans that were designed by LLDS and built by local experienced contractors. Get inspired and incorporate new ideas into your customized floor plan.


Our drafting professionals will combine your ideas with your chosen house plan to draw the home design you have been dreaming of building.