3 Tips to Start Strong: Tip 2 Contractor

So you just got approved for a home loan. Congratulations! Now it's time to look for a contractor.

Your builder is a great resource to guide you through the homebuilding process, get permits, and organize subcontractors. Good contractors are in tune with the current trends, local market movement, and resale features of the area. They will help you choose the right size house for your budget and walk you through the building process. Where do you look for a good builder? Local lumberyards, a builder association web page, and events like the Parade of Homes are great places to get names of the best builders in the area.

But wait...don't you want to get a plan first, then price shop for a contractor? Excellent question!

In the past, you'd have a floor plan drawn up, give it to five or six local contractors, and they'd all price it out. You'd typically throw out the highest and lowest bidder and opt for the middle guy. At that time, there were far fewer products in the market and houses were simpler. Now, focus has shifted from bottom dollar to quality and efficiency.

It's far easier to go through the design process with both the drafter and builder working together. Because homes have become more sophisticated, your builder and drafter need to be in communication to ensure it's designed well. There are also far more product choices for the homeowner. During the design process, your builder (and lumberyard salesperson) will be great resources in choosing quality products that create the home you desire.

What if you have a few names but don't know if they are good? Check back for our upcoming article on good contractors.

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