3 Tips to Start Strong: Tip 3 Discover Your Style

From the popular craftsman and traditional farmhouse, to the classic Victorian home, to the iconic Wisconsin log house....There are many styles of houses found within Wisconsin. What's your style?

Choosing your home's unique look is the most fun aspect to the design process. When doing so, it's important to get a feel for the area in which you're building. Some subdivisions may dictate what style of home you build. For example, your Spanish Revival dream home may be out of place in a rustic timber home development. It's a great idea to take some time explore different neighborhoods to find the perfect location for your home.

Finding exactly the right style can take some time. Drive around taking pictures of houses you like; most homeowners will be flattered. Of course sites like Houzz and Pinterest have a plethora of photos for inspiration. Check out our gallery as well!

Once you choose your style, bring all your photos to your drafter at your first appointment. That way, they can capture your vision for your home and bring it to life. Your floor plan will also contribute to creating style. For example, a very symmetrical, rectangular floor plan is typically found in farmhouses and neoclassical homes. An open floor plan with dormers is more common of bungalow and Craftsman style homes. When looking at floor plans, we recommend making a list of your three "must-have" elements of your house. For example, a walk-in pantry, dual access laundry, or gas fireplace are favorites among homeowners. Your drafter can then incorporate these into the plan from the beginning, which is easier than adding them later.

No matter what you choose, stick to the style throughout the home. The contemporary style cabinets shown above-left, would not mesh with a rustic log house. While creative freedom within your house is encouraged like the picture above-right, mixing contradictory styles could impact resale value or the number of potential future buyers.

The design process is fun and exciting. So get out there and discover your style!

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